logo design 2: FPI

here’s another identity job from your’s truly. this project came from another former co-worker who was doing some contract work for an organization focused on assisting Christian ministries and other similar non-profits in their fundraising and to achieve proper financial status in order to better help their communities. i was then put in contact with the president of the FAITH & PHILANTHROPY INSTITUTE who was in need of an effective identity. an important element for my creative juices with projects like this a slogan or mission statement. once i received it the word that stood out the most to me was “grow.” that’s where the sprout and color green came from (which also could represent finance, hence the term philanthropy). it then seemed proper to incorporate brown for the earth or dirt but in the shape of an open Bible. the original “sprout” had a single, vertical vein on the face of it, but the president asked if i could incorporate a cross somehow. i then completed the full version with stylized text using same color scheme and it was approved! i finalized the job with icon, full logo, full logo with slogan – 2-color and b/w versions with different formats. all this was soon followed with collateral (stationery and brochures) to complete the brand!