font law #1

what inspired me to write this post? as i’m driving to work this week i notice a van for some local service company whose name i won’t mention and their name and logo are obviously on each side of the van. the problem? the logo is made up of the initials of the company name using the two letters “C S” – both in all caps in a script font!

in a word: U – G – L – Y!!!! please, please, pleeeeeeaaaasssee DO NOT use script fonts of any style as ALL CAPS in either a logo or a heading of some sort! that looks soooooooo bad and it’s hard to read. this is also seen on the rear windows of some cars where people like to have their family name or nickname in all caps in either a script or old english/gothic font. and then to polish it off, have it stylized in an arched shape! do i need to say it again…. U – G – L – Y!!!

there should be a font law for something like this. all offenders will have their lettering immediately scraped off their vehicles and have mandatory design done by court-appointed graphic designers!

there should be a political office for this. design congressmen or congressional creatives. i’ll vote for that! 😀