thankful for the gift of sight


you know, it’s super easy to take the most obvious things for granted. for those who can (and that’s the point) we can all say that we’re thankful to be able to see. but for someone like myself who uses his eyes to not only see but to make a living – it’s huge! not only do i have the privilege to see, but also to see what i see – colors, shapes, lines, fonts, people, animals, nature. and then to be able to take many things that i can see and create something new or unique for others to see. there are many who can’t say the same. they are either partially or totally blind. to be real, not i nor anyone else who can see is better than they. i’m blessed and privileged with the grace of having sight. just because i have eyes does not mean i’m supposed to see or deserve to see even though i have them. in light of who i am and knowing my place in this world i will humbly say i deserve nothing, especially to have my core senses working. i wear glasses, but even with that i’m still thankful and privileged because i can see. as i said at the beginning, it’s easy to take obvious things for granted. hopefully after reading this post, no one else will. you were able to read this post – be thankful for the gift of sight!