book cover design

One of my dream goals as a designer is to get my foot through the door of book publishing, specifically book design. I have to admit I haven’t been working hard enough to make this happen, but “grace” has allowed a door to open. One of my church members who works for one of my former employers, The Urban Alternative, contacted me for help designing an upcoming book for Tony Evans that will be published by Moody Press. She provided the necessary elements and sent some samples of what she was attempting to accomplish in the design. She asked me to apply my creativity in giving the cover a better look. The photo didn’t require much work, but I got away from using any hard edges around it and the dark gradient provided that solution. Then I focused on the text. I followed up on her choice of font, but refined it with size, layout and colorization. The green emphasis on the word “race” not only illustrates the focus of the book, but also relates it to the tagline beneath his name. It was truly a privilege to get this opportunity and I’m pursuing more like this in the future. Dr. Evans informed the congregation that it just hit the bestseller’s list! That’s cool — not only because of the cover that I was able to work on, but also for the content of the book! (View my book design folio HERE to get a better look.)