New identity for internet radio station

i love music. different kinds, but my favorite is jazz fusion which has it’s origin very late 60s, but made a huge mark in the 70s. it’s a style that’s often progressive and can be very melodic with complex, yet beautiful chord changes. it’s a musicians’ style of music, mostly instrumental, which allows each individual to have the spotlight with solos for various instruments in one song. various artists include stanley clarke, george duke, chick corea, jean-luc ponty, herbie hancock, allan holdsworth, with groups like return to forever, weather report, passport, tribal tech, and thousands more from across the globe. often debatable by purists, it is a form of jazz with a mix of rock, funk, or both. jazz fusion also includes a more progressive form aptly called progressive rock, which has more emphasis on rock than jazz and can even include and influence of classical music. i grew up in the 70s and when it comes to music, the sounds of that time sound so much better to me now than back then with all the heavy emphasis on today’s pop scene. it’s my favorite genre to design by. very inspiring for my creativity.

there aren’t very many jazz fusion radio stations around today, but i’ve discovered some good ones on internet radio outlets like Radionomy. last year i ran across one named Fusion101. the guy who operates it has a ton of music from that era with artists and songs i’ve never heard of. after listening for a while, i reached out to him to see if he’d like a new identity. he agreed and here’s what i came up with. i took his original idea and updated it with the same type of imagery and implemented some font design. notice how the “101” is included within the word “fusion” (worked out pretty good).

oldFusion101     newFusion101

i really appreciate the opportunity to do this. glad he liked it. check out the website HERE or install the Radionomy app on your smartphone and see the art there. jazz fusion music is not for everyone. it’s definitely the sound for me as it really gets my creativity going! check out the icon and full logo on my identity page.