check out my work!

i finally finished my work pages! being a graphic designer, these pages have to be the most important on my entire site (i’m sure this is the case with any designer/agency). i can’t market myself without showing my work, and hopefully potential clients and fellow designers will like what i’ve accomplished. see links at the top^ or on the right side>, as follows:

work [identity] features logo designs (can’t have a business without one).

work [events] has poster designs for local theater and ministry events.

work [books + media] features book cover concepts and audio/video packaging.

i will add to it as my portfolio grows. any new ongoing work would be appreciated 😉


the QR code

QR codes are the latest wave of instant marketing. first developed for the automotive industry, they’re found in magazines, newspapers and even on labels of products. some are even printed on t-shirts. the idea is to give instant access to more information on a business or product on the internet using a camera and QR reader on a mobile device. using a QR code makes having a mobile-ready website extremely important. that would mean having easy navigation with accessible links (even if you still have to pinch to zoom) and no Flash (especially on an iOS device). they are quite innovative, if properly utilized. the code above is my own for this site.

Sent from my iPhone

I’d like to briefly express my appreciation for the creative mind of Steve Jobs. I really enjoy the tech toys he helped to innovate that are in my possession to this day – gadgets for work and play. Let’s hope Apple can continue with the same innovation and momentum.

– sent from my iPhone’s WordPress app

logo upgrade

scs logo upgrade
i was compelled by one of my kids and a coworker to make a small but significant change to my logo. the shape of my glasses didn’t fit my current eyewear that i’ve worn for over 2 years. so i went ahead and jumped on the opportunity to do so. i took my iphone and snapped a pic of my current frames, emailed the pic to myself, opened in illustrator – and ta da! then came the task of uploading to my site, blog and my own print collateral. the previous design (the more ellipse-shaped frames) was from glasses that i wore a while ago. i was going to keep that look as a more generic image, but i was compelled to make it more “personal.” so there you go.